Launching at Different Ramps.

One of the advantages of the SEEL Trailer Boat Launcher is the ability to make use of more ramps at more states of the tide.  Some ramps have drop offs that don’t allow a boat trailer near enough to the water at low tide without the the risk of losing the trailer into the drop off.

Another ramp may be one where the wave action rolls up the ramp and under the vehicles as it does at the Tauranga Boat Club ramp. Lots of people don’t like having their cars washed in the seawater and the SEEL Trailer Boat Launcher means the Vehicles are further from the sea.

Another ramp may be just almost flat such as the Plummers Point ramp  and here the extra reach provided by the SEEL Trailer Boat Launcher allows the boat to be launched off the side of the ramp in enough water to float the boat.


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