Video- Launching the Boat.


Launching WITHOUT getting Your Feet Wet.

On the ramp ready to Launch.

Backing Down the Ramp, launcher extended.

Trailer stopped at the waters edge.

Launching the boat. Note the position of the trailer Wheels.

Off the trailer it goes.Note how shallow the water is to launch.

Right off into the tide. Note the trailer wheels at waters edge..

Tie the boat up and drive the trailer away.




What is a Trailer Pusher?

A trailer puller or a trailer pusher is an electric piece of equipment that can move trailers, trailer equipments, campers and even boats. As long as the object that needs to be pushed or pulled has the option of being lifted on one end before being moved, the pusher can do the job. Such a piece of equipment is very useful in a boat yard, a repair center for trailers and big vehicles, a factory and a dealership. The pusher works best on short distances. The pusher is not intended for long distances, but for the short distances it is the best solution for several businesses.

A trailer puller is the best investment your company can make. It has an ergonomic design, it is battery operated, and lower preservation costs. Because it is more compact and smaller than other similar pieces of equipments, it is safer for both the operator and the vehicles that need to be moved. The frame of the trailer pusher is made out of steel and has an adjustable acceleration and braking system. For easier maneuvering it has a variable twist grip and a neutral throttle braking system. The puller can go forward and in reverse and reaches a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour. The battery is strong enough to provide up to 16 hours of uninterrupted use, and the trailer puller has an automatic electric charger. If these are basic features most of the pullers have, there are optional attributes that can further increase the safety and efficiency of your puller.

The optional attributes of a puller are a safety horn, light, internal charger, stop switch and guard kit, foam fitted tires, a king pin attachment, and a 6 high power motor. Even if a puller does not have all the optional features the main advantage of using this kind of equipment is increased efficiency in your business and safer work conditions for your employees and the goods you need to push and pull around. Like in the case of any other heavy means of transportation like in the case of boats, trailers, motor homes or carts with tongues, the pushing or pulling cannot be done simply by people with the help of other vehicles. Our different kind of trailer pullers and pushers can move anything that has a ball couple or a pintle-hitch type of tongue. There are different kinds of trailer pushers and pullers. Some of them have a more specific design like for example boat pushers while others have a more generalized use and can move heavy equipments that have a standard ball coupler, a gooseneck or a kingpin.

Maybe some of the words like kingpin or gooseneck system are foreign for you. However you have to remember the important part of it all: a piece of equipment like a trailer pusher or puller can save you a lot of money because of its ergonomic design, its easy way of operating and its padded parts. Just imagine being the dealer of some expensive boats or farm equipment and having to move them in your yard. By pushing them or pulling them in an uncontrolled why you risk injuring your workers or potential customers, you risk damaging the boats or farm equipment and thus actually loosing more money than earning.

By: Ken Wilson  –   About the Author :
  trailer pusher or a trailer puller may prove to be a very useful asset for your business and for your workmen. Having such a piece of equipment means faster moving around of the vehicles and more safety reasons for all the people that have something to do with your business.

Boat accessories, the necessary with Boating

The boat accessories that you attach to your boat and the more valuable your boat becomes. If you might sell it for a much higher price than you would normally be able to. While lots of boat accessories are perfect for appearance and decoration, others are perfect for functionality and comforts. All boaters require certain boating accessories to keep their boat and no matter what in good running order at all times. South pacific boat accessories provide your boat with anything that you need to really improve on your boating experiences ultimately. A boating accessory is usually sold by boating equipment suppliers who are in the Australia, UK, USA and New Zealand.

In boat accessories the Boat cover is an important part with your boat. If you don’t have a boat cover than when it rains, your boat gets wet and soggy and the sun beats down on your seats, tables, grilles. You are also adds lot of quality to the boat covers that you can purchase and allowing you to find exactly what you need.

Boat trailers are also part of boat accessories. A boat trailer can have a single and double or triple axle, depending on its weight capacity. While a small boat trailer sports a manual winch to haul the boat on to the trailer and larger models have one- or two-speed automatic winches. You can enjoy a different boat trailers including very well equipped models to very basic models.

Boat accessories are a necessary part of any boating experience because they can help increase the enjoyment from boating. You will not have to regret not taking care of your boat in the future. If you can’t buy random boat accessories then you think nice, but owners have to make sure that this choice will match perfectly with your boat. If you have Don’t order boat accessories that are for the cruise vessel on a fishing vessel and do not get boat parts then you are for a fishing boat for a cruising one.

South Pacific Supply offers many unique, high-quality and time-saving boat accessories supplies. Keeping in mind the needs of boaters to save space is more efficient with their time, and to protect their valuable their boat, we sell products ranging from inflatable and collapsible box anchors to top-quality boat accessories and boat maintenance products.

By: South Pacific  –   About the Author :
  A South Pacific Industrial Pty Ltd has been manufacturing and selling anchor Accessories, capstans and boat accessories in NZ with best Quality and supply winch accessories and Windlass in New Zealand , Australia, USA, UK.

Free Info and Tips When Buying A Boat Trailer

A boat trailer is something that you really can not go wrong with her because she is a dual-use device. It offers a convenient way to save the boat, and you can also explore new areas, taking their boat on the street. Good trailers must perform both functions equally well.

Most people who buy boats, the boat, not the trailer. They are more than willing to spend this money on a boat, then end up getting a cheap trailer. If you want the majority of recreational boating, these tips will help you buy a trailer.

The total weight of the boat, fishing gear and the engine must be in the average load of the trailer. You should not choose a supporter of 2500, if you have the option of a boat with the same weight.

You should look for trailers with drive features. These units on trailers, you can drive the boat on the trailer, close enough to the wind, so you should hoist the boat up to a few centimeters.

Select trailer lights (for the road) that are protected and sealed against water.

Choose your trailer on the environment will be operating in. If you plan to launch in salt water has a trailer for this purpose.

There are many types of trailers available, each designed for a specific type of navigation.

Although most are protected against weather and rust, you should always choose one for this type of terrain you designed your boat use.

In this way, you have no worries about your trailer is not what it should be.

There are some supporters that a spare tire, which include an excellent investment for those who travel long distance plan. Although it may be difficult to find trailer tires in the dark, it’s always good to have a left when you get a flat while driving.

All in all, a boat can save time and money. You can keep your boat on the trailer when not in use, leading to other lakes or oceans. A trailer to open new avenues for you and your boat – what ever you need to do is find that you need.

By: George Sandler  –   About the Author :
  George S. is a freelance writer, you can read more of his jobs about Cross Body Bags and San Antonio Homes For Sale

How To Care For Your Speed Boat Engine And Trailer

It is vital that your speed boat, power boat or motor boat engine is well-maintained and trouble-free. The last thing you want is for your engine to fail whilst you are out at sea! A boat without an engine can quickly drift far out in even a mild off-shore wind or current.

So, unless you know what you are doing, I recommend that you have your speed boat engine regularly serviced by a qualified marine engineer.

Power boats are usually only used during the summer months and are not used during the winter. To protect it from damage during the cold, damp winter months, your boat should be “winterized” after the last use of the year and then “de-winterized” before using it for the first time next year. It’s a good idea to have the boat engine serviced at the same time as it is de-winterized.

Motor boat engines are water-cooled. When the engine is running, impellor’s draw water in to the engine. This water circulates around the engine, keeping it cool by absorbing the heat and then escapes as warm water through a small hole near the top. The jet of water escaping is called a tell-tale. If it isn’t there when the engine is running, it means the engine is not being cooled and will over-heat which can cause irreparable damage. So you must turn the engine off immediately.

Never run a speed boat engine out of water. Even if you run it for a few seconds, the engine itself may not over-heat sufficiently to get damaged but the impellor can quickly over-heat and become damaged so that it won’t be able to draw sufficient water to cool the engine next time it is run in water.

It is important to flush a power boat engine out with clean water after it has been used in salt water as salt water is very corrosive. Newer engines have a water inlet that you can connect a hose to, turn the tap on, start the engine and it will draw water through to clean the inside of the engine.

Older motor boat engines don’t have this, so what you have to is cover the water inlet holes with flushing muffs (sometimes described as “rabbit ear” muffs) attached to a hose. Turn the hose on, then start the engine and let it run at idle speed for a few minutes. Look for the tell-tale jet of water which shows that water is being drawn into the engine and circulated around it. After a few minutes, turn the engine off then turn the hose off.

It is imperative that you look after your boat trailer. If your trailer becomes unusable, you can’t transport your boat so your boat is unusable, too.

Boat trailers are made to fit a specific model of boat. They are not interchangeable between different boat models. So if your trailer becomes unusable, it will be difficult to find a used trailer that will fit your boat. You will probably have to buy a new boat trailer or have one made. This will be very expensive and the new trailer could easily cost much more than an older boat is worth.

To launch your boat, you have to back your trailer into the water. Water is corrosive. If its salt water, its even worse. And if you are launching from a beach, sand is also corrosive. So clean your trailer after use, inspect it regularly and treat any corrosion.

As you tow your boat, the grease around your boat trailer wheel bearings heats up and becomes liquid. When you back your trailer into the water, some of this liquified grease can leak out as water leaks in. So it is important to re-grease the trailer wheel bearings regularly.

By: M Boaden  –   About the Author :

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