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Greerton Springworx and Engineering.

Put the spring back into your vehicle with Greerton Springworx!
Not many people realise just how important the springs in a vehicle are. If they are at the correct setting then the vehicle will not only ride correctly but will be safer on the road. If they are not set right then it can be dangerous, you may fail a WOF or COF or it will look a little saggy or lopsided.

At Greerton Springworx we love springs. We are very passionate about making them and fitting them and making sure the vehicles of our customers leave our workshop better than they came in. We can make sure your springs are working well and are tensioned at the right amount for optimum performance. We will put the spring back into your vehicle in no time at all!

Vehicle springs often settle over time, often due to weight loadings pushing them down.  This is common in commercial vehicles such as utes, trucks, vans, motorhomes and buses. It is also not uncommon for cars to sag on the driver’s side.  This is Greerton Springworx’ speciality and we can reset your springs to get your vehicle sitting back to where it should be.

Give Greerton Springworx a call, email or drop in with your vehicle to discuss with us what is best needed to be done with your springs.



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Our new workshop is at;

24 Whiore place

The Lakes, Tauranga.

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