Beach Umbrella Holda’s that work

Do you use a BEACH UMBRELLA?


Have you Searched Everywhere to find an umbrella stand that will hold your Umbrella Upright?

And just like you, we couldn’t find one that really worked, no matter where we looked.

So, we invented a BEACH UMBRELLA STAND that will keep your beach umbrella STANDING UP in the sand at the beach. A BEACH UMBRELLA STAND that can be used at home in the backyard and can be taken to your favourite picnic spot, sports event or even to an outdoor concert.

The ALL NEW design BEACH UMBRELLA STAND by Brellaholda will go all these places and works every time.

The Brellaholda is a device that screws into the sand or the ground until the device is firmly held and then you just place the umbrella pole into the tube and open the umbrella. When your day is over you just remove the umbrella and unscrew the Brellaholda from the ground.

Its so simple that anyone can use the Brellaholda.

See all about the Brellaholda here.


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