About Seel Trailer Boat Launchers.


SEELTrailer Boat Launcher was developed from a request from a customer  who  did not like putting his boat trailer into the sea water  because of the corrosion that ensued and the issues with bearings and brakes on the  wheels. Lots of experiments later and we have a going unit.

Peter the engineer and designer is also a boaty and loves fishing so it was a natural thing to develop.

Peter’s  NEW workshop IS at Greerton Engineering and Springworx at 24 Whiore Place, The Lakes, Tauranga.

FORMERLY AT 64 Maleme st. they are well known for their work in repairing rusty boat trailers, repairing and or replacing those rusted out bearings, springs and wheels.

Greerton Engineering and Springworx can also repair your broken car, truck or movan springs and springs that have sagged over time or add even add more zest to your springs with extra leafs.  Greerton Springworx for all your spring repairs.



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Where to Find Us.

Our new workshop is at;

24 Whiore place

The Lakes, Tauranga.

Hours of Work

Monday to Friday 7.30 am - 5 pm.

Phone no. 07 5410024

Clickable phone no. 0064 75410024


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Seel Trailer Boat Launcher.

Video- Launching the Boat.