A better way to launch your trailer boat.

Is launching your boat, an experience in getting wet and immersing your trailer into the sea water?

Does the wife/ girlfriend always finish up getting wet when launching your boat and tell you all about it for days on end?

Is the boat ramp difficult to use?

Can’t stand the cold water anymore?

Feed up with replacing wheel bearings and Springs?

Concerned about the cost of replacing your boat trailer?

 The SEEL launcher allows you to launch your boat without submerging the trailer in the water, no need to get wet up to your behind any more and no more need to  clamber all over your boat trailer just to push the boat off.

The ALL NEW  SEEL Trailer Boat Launcher will extend the life of the trailer, makes launching and retrieving a boat easier – and will also allow you to increase the  number of places a boat owner can launch their boat.

It is a hinged sliding frame that fits onto the rear of most trailer frames and enables launching your boat without getting the trailer wheels or even your feet wet.

The SEELTrailer Boat Launcher allows you to launch and retrieve your boat without actually putting the trailer in the water,” says Peter Anderson. “You can keep the trailer wheels out of the water, which is better for the bearings and springs as well as the trailer”.

Dunking a boat trailer into salt water is always going to result in rust and corrosion.

Launching the boat. Note the trailer Wheels.

Launching the boat. Note the trailer Wheels.

Apart from offering the luxury of winter launching without anyone having to get themselves wet, the slide out extension’s other big advantage is it makes many ‘off road’ launching sites available. See video’s in the side bar.

No need to go deep into the water.

No need to go deep into the water.

River banks, Lake shores, ramps with drop offs under water, Steep ramps, and launching at the beach will all be easier with a SEEL Trailer Boat Launcher.

Shallow ramp at low tide into channel.

Shallow ramp at low tide into channel.

The other big issue today is aquatic weeds and pests. The launcher means the trailer remains pest and weed free with only the extension going into the water and needing cleaning.

No need to Get Wet.

No need to Get Wet.

The  SEEL Trailer Boat Launcher has been under development for two year’s, it is designed to fit most boat trailers from 12 to 18 feet (5 Mtr’s),and each unit is custom fitted the trailer and boat.
You can see a demonstration of the SEEL Trailer Boat Launcher at some of the Tauranga District boat ramps by going to the pages menu at the top or in the side bar of this page.
The Launcher will fit most trailers and this can be done in our workshop. for more information and pricing to fit call Peter at
Greerton Engineering and Springworx at 07 5410024

Retreiving is even easier.

Retrieving is even easier.




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